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Empowering Women in Tech: A Call to Action for Venture Capital and Private Equity Professionals

  • Published August 31, 2023 5:21AM UTC
  • Publisher Cecile Bon

Having comprehensive access to a multitude of data and profound perspectives on the startup landscape, both from the lens of an investor and a founder, has provided us an in-depth understanding of the shifting dynamics of gender diversity within this sector. We’re eager to divulge essential findings regarding the current situation of women in tech today. This urgent issue warrants the undivided focus of all industry participants, especially those in the fields of venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE). Here’s the reasoning behind our assertion.

1. Understanding the Disparity

Despite the increasing importance of diversity and inclusion, there is a profound gender gap in technology. According to the latest surveys, only 26% of tech positions are currently held by women. While this figure represents a marginal improvement from 19% in 2019, it still signals an industry-wide challenge. 

2. The Implications of the Gap

So, why does this gender disparity matter? An overwhelming 90% of tech professionals agree that a more balanced workforce could significantly benefit the tech industry. Multiple studies have proven that companies with diverse teams are more innovative, perform better, and have a better understanding of their diverse customer base. The tech industry, known for its innovation and constant growth, has the potential to be a leading example in gender equality.

3. Factors Contributing to the Gap

Several factors contribute to the gender gap in tech. The largest, according to recent surveys, is the early misconception and lack of education provided to young girls about opportunities in tech. Male domination in the field, gender pay gap, long working hours, and a recruitment process that favors men are other significant factors. These barriers create a daunting environment that discourages women from pursuing careers in tech.

4. The Role of VC and PE Professionals

As VC and PE professionals, we are uniquely positioned to influence change. Gender-lens investing, or investments that deliberately seek to promote gender equality, has been growing in popularity. By actively supporting startups and businesses that prioritize diversity and inclusion, we can help reshape the industry landscape.

Furthermore, the fact that companies with diverse leadership often outperform their counterparts also makes a strong business case for gender-lens investing. It’s not just about social responsibility—it’s about financial success as well.

5. Action Steps

There are several ways VC and PE professionals can start addressing this issue:

– Invest in women-led tech startups: In 2021, only 2.3% of venture capital funding went to women-led startups. It’s time to change this statistic.

– Promote gender equality in portfolio companies: Encourage your portfolio companies to make gender equality a priority. This includes recruiting more women, promoting women into leadership roles, and introducing flexible working policies.

– Support initiatives like returnships: These are programs designed to help professionals return to work after a career break, often taken by women due to family responsibilities.

6. The Road Ahead

The journey towards gender equality in tech is challenging and requires a combined effort from individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. However, if we, as VC and PE professionals, can take proactive steps towards supporting gender diversity in our investments and operations, we can help accelerate this change. 

The question isn’t whether we can afford to invest in women; it’s whether we can afford not to. Let’s start reshaping the future of tech today, making it inclusive and equal for everyone.

As we believe, investing in women isn’t just good ethics, it’s good business. Together, let’s make a difference.

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