Company FAQs

  1. Do you charge success fees?

    We do not charge success fees! We are a technology and subscription-based business, which means you keep 100% of what you raise.

  2. Who is Wholesale Investor, and what do you do?

    Wholesale Investor is a leading capital engagement platform connecting founders with our network of over 45,000 early-stage investors since 2008.

    We provide investors direct access to leading emerging growth companies, private opportunities, special funds, Pre-IPO and small-cap listed companies. Over the last 14 years, we have seen our clients raise millions of dollars through investor engagement to fund their growth and ambitions, with 10 achieving Unicorn status, 66 exiting, and dozens seeing 10x+ returns.

    We have facilitated this online via our proprietary CapitalHQ™ platform and through our exclusive events, which have been hosted across 7 countries.

    Our software utilises world-leading AI/ML to place your opportunities in front of the most relevant investors.

    To showcase your opportunity on our platform, fill in this form to set up a call with our team.

  3. What is CapitalHQ?

    Formerly CRIISP, CapitalHQ is a capital engagement platform built by us, which streamlines and simplifies the capital raising process. By providing access to investors globally, streamlined processes, and deal intelligence, CapitalHQ empowers Founders with their current and future raises.

    CapitalHQ also utilises AI/ML-driven matchmaking that matches your investment offer with the most relevant investors inside our network, 24/7.

  4. What kinds of investors are in your own network?

    Over 45,000 high-net-worth, angel investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms, funds, other financial institutions and industry participants from around the world make up our investor network.

  5. What other investors can I access from your platform?

    While we have our proprietary network, as mentioned above, companies can access over 200,000 VC, Family Office and Angel Investors globally via our platform.

  6. What makes Wholesale Investor unique?

    The key aspects which make WI unique are;

    Our proprietary investor ecosystem of over 45,000 HNW, Professional, Family Office and International Investors.

    A 14-year track record of working with startups, scale-ups, small caps and Fund Managers.

    Our leading capital engagement software CapitalHQ enables AI/ML-driven matchmaking, access to over 200,000 investors, deal intelligence, streamlined processes and automated investor relations.


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