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eNurse features on News Mail

Nurse hopes to inject some inspiration into workshop Source News Mail, Published: Thursday, 1st May 2014 FORMER Rockhampton nurse Glen Riverstone has forged a successful business career after his medical invention won national acclaim in 2007. His revolutionary “Snapit” ampoule opener won the New Inventor’s People’s Choice Award on the ABC television program The New […]

Company Updates
BlockPound continues to gain traction with new team members and strategic partnerships

BlockPound, the revolutionary blockchain-based fitness tech and gaming platform, is pleased to announce the appointment of our Chief Behavior Economist, Nathan Van den Bosh, the addition of Hector Melendez, an Esports performance expert, Robert Cole, a seasoned marketing professional, and experienced full stack developer to our team. These new hires will enhance the company’s capabilities […]

Company Updates
The Future of the Workforce and How Companies Can Adapt

What does the future of the workforce look like, and what is the biggest obstacle for companies trying to adapt to it? One of the largest shifts seen in the workforce in recent years has been the steady rise of contract and contingent workers filling larger and larger gaps in the corporate world. The rise […]

Company Updates
Breakthrough technology to address the UK Farm Energy Crisis: Investment Opportunity

Micro AD FarmTM: Innovative slurry-to-energy technology for smaller dairy farms to reduce farm energy costs and GHG. BioFactory is an engineering company that specialises in the use of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology for micro-scale applications to generate cost-effective on-site energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing waste streams. BioFactory has identified a significant market […]

Company Updates
DataBench Secures 100% Subscription in SAFE Note Round, Raises £500,000 and Invites Investors to Join in Upcoming Seed ‘3’ Round

DataBench, a cutting-edge technology company, is thrilled to announce that it has received a 100% subscription in its recent SAFE Note round, raising an impressive £500,000 from its existing shareholders. This funding will ensure a fully funded runway for the company as it looks to onboard its first customers in early 2023. According to Ben […]

Company Updates
Arcana Capital’s $6.6M acquisition projected to deliver 10% distribution per annum

Arcana Capital, led by former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, has made a strategic acquisition of a 6,884 sqm warehouse in Silky Oak, occupied by industry leaders in logistics, Visy, and Australia’s largest banana producer, Mackays for $6.6m. The transaction was managed by CBRE. This marked the fifth real estate acquisition for 2022 for Arcana and […]

CEO Interviews
Brad Smith of Braaap Motorcycles

Braaap Motorcycles is an Australian motorcycle company founded in Launceston, Tasmania over 15 years ago. As a 4x Australian Retail Business of the Year recipient, the company designs and develops its own motorcycles in Australia, with its R&D utilising engineering standards. With a well-equipped team including an ex-CEO of Honda and other high-profile advisors on […]

CEO Interviews
Jeremy Britton of Boston Trading Co.

Boston Trading Co. is a diversified crypto fund (Bostoncoin) that provides easy access to crypto for individuals, retail investors, and retirement funds. Investors have received returns of 366% per year on average for four years in a row, outperforming Bitcoin for six years. Since 2016, the Bostoncoin portfolio has included 30 to 50 crypto tokens […]

CEO Interviews
Giles Gunesekera of Global Impact Initiative

Global Impact Initiative (GII) creates impact investments seeking both a positive financial return and a positive social impact for its clients and stakeholders. The business works with sovereign wealth funds, central banks, insurance companies, corporations, pension plans, endowments, foundations, family offices, private banks and retail investors to create bespoke investment solutions in partnership with some […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Moving to Venture Investing 3.0

The next ten years are going to be the most disruptive – and potentially the most profitable – in the history of venture capital.  Learn what technologies and techniques you need to adopt in order to become a successful, next-generation private market investor from this keynote presentation by Hatcher+ Managing Partner John Sharp. Looking for […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Investing in DeepTech for the Non-Technical Investors

When investing in DeepTech, understanding how to analyse the financials of a business can only take you so far. It is the investors who are able to conduct technological analysis that perform best. This is sometimes out of reach for investors with a non-technical background. If you’re a non-technical investor, watch this panel session as […]

Venture Investor Interviews
What You Need to Know about ESG Investing

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It makes up for factors that form part of any new or existing venture analysis. Investors are increasingly considering these factors as part of their analysis, especially on the institutional/VC side.  Because of this, it is important to have a grasp on what exactly ESG entails, and how […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Venture Investing in a Recession

Public markets are correcting, VC money is drying up and investors are as prudent as ever. Surrounded by these signs of a depressed market, investors in the process of deploying capital may need to change their methods of analysis and deal structure in order to ensure proper entry prices.  Watch this panel session as seasoned […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Capitalizing on Megatrends in Public Markets

Often, public markets host technology-based companies that are riding the waves of megatrends and therefore deliver remarkable returns. However, identifying these trends, then assessing the businesses within them, is a task that takes some sophistication and experience.  Watch this panel as we explore the ins and outs of capitalising on these megatrends in public markets […]

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