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ASEAN’s leading venture investment platform

As ASEAN’s leading venture investment platform, Wholesale Investor (owner of CapitalHQ) is developing AI-Driven Capital Raising and Digital Investment Banking features to provide the intelligent Capital Raising and Venture Investment tool for the ecosystem.

AI Driven

Digital investment banking

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An established 3-sided marketplace

With an established 3-sided marketplace, successful track record and clients ranging from International and State Governments, through to VC Funds, Listed Companies and leading innovators, Wholesale Investor is well-positioned to leverage off our key growth drivers.

Wholesale Investor (owner of CapitalHQ) shareholders

Our shareholders include LSE Listed Investment Bank Investec, BMY Group, INP Capital, Brighte Capital and private investors from backgrounds in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Funds Management, Wealth Management, Angel Investment and Investment Banking.

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