Company Updates

Company Updates
Beyond Price Predictions: Bitcoin Halving 2024’s Impact on Investments and Innovation

As the crypto world braces for monumental shifts, the looming 2024 Bitcoin halving event has emerged as the centerpiece of anticipation among enthusiasts and investors worldwide. An array of experts and industry players are forecasting significant transformations on the horizon. Bitcoin Halving: Catalyst for Price Surges With the Bitcoin halving on the horizon, set to […]

Company Updates
Empowering Capital Raising, Business Sales and Private Market Opportunities

The world of Private Markets is rapidly evolving. As we stand at the crossroads of technology and finance, one thing becomes clear: the age-old ways of raising capital and business sales through limited networks are becoming obsolete. In their place, a more streamlined, efficient, and global pathway to investors is emerging. Enter the Channel Partner […]

Capital Insights
The Power of Biodiscovery: Unlocking the Potential of Natural Resources

In a groundbreaking keynote address at Venture & Capital Sydney, Dr. Victoria Gordon, CEO & Managing Director at QBiotics Group Limited, illuminated the incredible world of biodiscovery and its profound implications for healthcare.  The Origins of Biodiscovery Biodiscovery, as Dr. Gordon passionately explained, has deep roots in the history of medicine. She began by recounting […]

Company Updates
Wholesale Investor Launches Transformative Channel Partner Program to Revolutionise Capital Raising in the Startup, Venture and Private Equity Ecosystem

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Wholesale Investor, a leading name in the innovation and private markets ecosystem, announces the launch of its innovative Channel Partner Opportunity. This unique initiative provides entrepreneurs, advisors, professional service providers, incubators, accelerators, and other key players an advanced, scalable solution to enhance their capital-raising efforts for private companies and Funds. The Channel […]

Company Updates
“Wholesale Investor – Trading Window” Offers Exclusive Access to High-Profile Startups and Unicorns

Investors and startup founders, get ready for an exciting opportunity that is about to hit the market. The “Wholesale Investor – Trading Window” is coming soon, offering access to a handpicked selection of Australian and US unicorns, VC-backed opportunities, and high-profile startups. This exclusive event will provide investors with a unique chance to elevate their […]

Company Updates
Innovative customer service outsourcing business offers an investment opportunity with bonus shares

“Odondo, the technology-enabled Customer Service outsourcing business continues to deliver growth as it takes on new clients and increases mandates with existing clients. Founded by two experienced and exited entrepreneurs, and backed by the leading Venture Capital firm Hambro Perks, their model provides SME and growth stage businesses with a high-quality service, delivered flexibly, at […]

Company Updates
Tana Pulp and Paper SC brings in 2 major shareholders for its recent projects

Tana Pulp and Paper SC (TPPSC) is a special-purpose vehicle established by Tiret Corporate to develop Ethiopia’s first pulp and paper mill.  Tiret as lead shareholder has brought in 2 other major shareholders, Tsedey Bank and the Amhara Regional State Forestry Enterprise.  Tiret is a major Ethiopian industrial and agro-processing conglomerate founded 28 years ago […]

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