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Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

BetterX is a technology company bringing digital assets to the mid-market.

The company has built Fluid, a configurable end-to-end trading Platform as a Service solution for wealth and asset managers, banks, brokers, fund managers, and OTC desks to facilitate, quote, and execute digital asset trades. Its infrastructure can adapt to existing business workflows through API access and enables access without specific knowledge and resources to develop and implement digital assets.

Fluid design to enable SMEs and institutions to offer crypto trading to their clients:

  • Account management
  • Definable user permissions
  • Crypto trading
  • Settlements
  • Institutional custody

Valloop is transforming the global employee-economy to be more inclusive.

Valloop Exchange platform connects employees and business owners worldwide. Providing them with a single marketplace of knowledge, digital tools and financial products to help transition the share ownership of their business to employee ownership.

They’re aiming for a world where all SME employees have the option to become co-owners, sharing the wealth and income of the business they work for. Sharing equally and inclusively, irrelevant of age, status, race or gender.

Employee ownership aims to reduce the wealth divide between the rich and the poor and help deliver prosperity to millions of people; business owners, employees and their families.

Cake is an all-in-one equity management platform for Australian companies. Cake is on a mission to simplify the way start-ups and small to medium-sized companies raise capital, set up employee share schemes and manage their investors.

Rocking Horse provides smart investment to clever innovation, while allowing you to retain control of your business.

If you are eligible for the govenment’s Research and Development Tax Incentive (R&DTI) then we can help get your innovations off the ground faster. By bringing forward your R&D Tax Refund through our financing solutions you can:

  • Expedite further R&D activities;
  • Bring forward commercialisation plans;
  • Satisfy ongoing cash flow needs; and
  • Delay or avoid expensive equity raisings.

Fastlane is an Australian advisory & consulting firm. We are a service partner to blue-chip and government clients and ecosystems of Private Equity investments and startups, for delivering complex technology initiatives like GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance), Cloud & AI-based products and platforms.

CSAssociates (CSA) provides corporate counsel services, corporate secretarial services and corporate and commercial advice to a wide variety of businesses and stakeholders.

CSA was established to respond to the needs of business enterprises, their boards, individual board members, committees and executive teams who desire seamless support with corporate decision making, strategic, compliance, administrative and contracting processes.

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