Venture Investor Interviews
Future of Digital Assets Economy & Blockchain Businesses 🚀

What is the future of the digital assets economy & blockchain businesses? At Venture & Capital, we invited experts to discuss ways to capitalise on this trend & give insights on the immense opportunities in this sector. Panelists: Sidney Macdessi – Head of Marketing and Community at Wholesale Investor  Naquib Mohammed – Founder & Chief […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Web 3.0: Real Digital Ownership & Opportunities

One of the central tenets of Web3 is digital ownership where users will have the power to decide if they want to share their data, choose which entities to share it with, and define the terms under which the data can be shared.  During Venture and Capital 2022, Heath Behncke of Holon explained the difference […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Hunt for Yield: Improving Your Investment Portfolio

Where do we find yield? What opportunities across asset classes present the best opportunities for investors wanting to increase income derived from their portfolio?  Watch this panel session as industry experts share their actionable insights with investors that could boost their portfolio returns.  Panelists: Peter Bakker – COO of Unhedged William Fong – Treasurer at […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Opportunities in Private Debt

As lending is tightened across traditional finance channels, borrowers have had to extend their scope when it comes to sourcing capital. One of these new channels includes private debt, and with new interest in this channel comes the opportunity for cashed-up investors to partake in the business of lending. So how and why should you […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Capitalizing on Megatrends in Public Markets

Often, public markets host technology-based companies that are riding the waves of megatrends and therefore deliver remarkable returns. However, identifying these trends, then assessing the businesses within them, is a task that takes some sophistication and experience.  Watch this panel as we explore the ins and outs of capitalising on these megatrends in public markets […]

Company Updates
Look Out, USB Chargers. Your Days Are Numbered.

16th December 2015, Entrepreneur By Michael Frank When Wi-Fi gained dominance over the Ethernet cable, it obviated the need to plug in for an internet connection. So have you ever wondered why device charging still largely relies on USB cords? With the rise of wireless charging, that is starting to change. Here’s how it works: […]

Venture Investor Interviews
What You Need to Know about ESG Investing

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It makes up for factors that form part of any new or existing venture analysis. Investors are increasingly considering these factors as part of their analysis, especially on the institutional/VC side.  Because of this, it is important to have a grasp on what exactly ESG entails, and how […]

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