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Opportunities in Private Debt

  • Published November 03, 2022 7:24AM UTC
  • Publisher Maan Perez
  • Categories Venture Investor Interviews
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As lending is tightened across traditional finance channels, borrowers have had to extend their scope when it comes to sourcing capital. One of these new channels includes private debt, and with new interest in this channel comes the opportunity for cashed-up investors to partake in the business of lending. So how and why should you get involved? Both of these questions will be answered in this panel session.


Ulrika Lobo – Director of Blue River Finance / Sparrow Loans

Jeff Law – Fund Manager at Commencer Capital

Chris Flavell – Director at AraCapital

Troy Harper – Director at Aviator Capital

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Company Updates
The go-to destination for the £23B event and construction equipment rental market, backed by the founder of

This is an opportunity to invest in easyHire’s round alongside Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (founder of, Fabio Cannavale (owner of lastminute .com group), and PiLabs (Venture Capital).  Highlights: ✅ 90% consumer brand recognition in Europe ✅ Existing franchise network in  the UK, Italy, and Spain ✅ Average franchise signing up for 5 years ✅ Industry-changing […]

Company Updates
BullionFX: Bringing back the gold standard and conquering milestones 

BullionFX is a decentralised financial ecosystem built on auditable physical gold. The company aims to bring currency back to the gold standard that can be trusted again. BullionFX is democratising access and ownership of gold, allowing everyone to build their wealth safely in a new global economy. Just recently, BullionFX received Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) […]

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