Capital Raising Tips
Creating a Startup from Scratch? Here’s a MUST-READ Book For You

Straight Talk For Startups is an invaluable handbook for anyone running, working for, thinking about creating a startup from scratch, or just curious about what makes high-potential ventures tick. It outlines 100 essential rules: from pitching your idea, to selecting investors, to managing your board, to deciding how and when to achieve liquidity.  Here’s a […]

CEO Interviews
CEO Interviews | Keith John of Pioneer Credit (ASX:PNC)

Pioneer Credit is an ASX-listed company (ASX: PNC) providing high-quality, flexible financial services support to help everyday Australians out of financial difficulty. The company has established a solid foundation to pursue further growth by leveraging its outstanding industry relationships, compliance record, and customer-focused culture. CEO Keith John talks about the overview of his company, as […]

Capital Raising Tips
How to Build your Capital Raising Brand

When raising capital, one of the best things you can do is build your Capital Raising Brand. This is what builds your case to an investor.  Typically, investors will have 30-50 other founders competing for their attention, and so by building your brand, you effectively communicate your offering to investors in the shortest amount of […]

Capital Raising Tips
6 Stages of Development For A Successful Startup Venture

The execution plan for a successful venture is quite simple, with just six significant stages of development: Stage 1: IDEA – develop your #idea and assess its attractiveness. Stage 2: TECHNOLOGY – build the #technology. Stage 3: PRODUCT- deliver the #product. Stage 4: MARKET – demonstrate #market demand. Stage 5: ECONOMICS – prove unit #economics […]

Venture Investor Interviews
Venture Investing in a Recession

Public markets are correcting, VC money is drying up and investors are as prudent as ever. Surrounded by these signs of a depressed market, investors in the process of deploying capital may need to change their methods of analysis and deal structure in order to ensure proper entry prices.  Watch this panel session as seasoned […]

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