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WAU Motors CEO founded and exited Ruroc, the brand he scaled from 0 to $50M in revenue 

  • Published December 02, 2022 5:53AM UTC
  • Publisher Wholesale Investor
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WAU, the British-built and engineered electric bike brand showing significant year-on-year growth with a CAGR of 73% over the past 2 years in the UK, is finally ready to expand internationally and already has pent-up demand in its key target market the USA. With a major new product launch for a brand new feature-filled Electric Bike penciled in for Spring 2023. The brand is forecasting triple-digit growth for the next 5 years while they expand into new categories and new territories.

The CEO of WAU, Daniel Rees, has joined recently from the brand he founded and exited, Ruroc. Rees scaled Ruroc from 0 to $50M in revenue in the Action Sports and Motorcycle protection industry, therefore bringing with him a wealth of experience, knowledge, and contacts.

Joining the board with Daniel is Charlie Cooper (of Mini Cooper/Cooper Bikes). Charlie has recently built and exited his own bike brand and is now hands-on with the team supporting the NPD and supply chain for the upcoming launch of WAU’s “Project: Cyberbike”.

Project Cyberbike will go live on Indiegogo in April 2023 and the team is expecting their new incoming brand ambassadors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who is awaiting delivery of his bike to cause a huge stir in the electric bike world!

For more info, we encourage you to reach out directly to WAU’s CEO at [email protected]

Connect with the company and learn more about WAU Motors by accessing their deal room here.

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