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Introducing CRIISP… WI’s new end-to-end, SaaS platform for raising capital and investment

  • Published June 04, 2019 12:00AM UTC
  • Publisher Wholesale Investor
  • Categories Company Updates

After 18 months of development and collaboration with investors and founders alike, we are excited to launch our new end-to-end, SaaS platform for capital raising, CRIISP.

CRIISP is the capital raising platform for your business.

We have developed a tech platform which enables you to conduct your entire capital raise in one, central, simple, and user-friendly platform. Powered by Wholesale Investor, CRIISP aims to remove as much friction as possible from the capital raising process and save companies, advisers and investors, time and money.

It allows you to raise capital privately to your own networks, or to open it up to the entire WI ecosystem in our Investor Marketplace. After working with some of the most prominent founders and investors in our ecosystem, we now look to empower the decision makers and enhance collaboration in the capital raising space. There is NO SUCCESS FEE on any capital raised. Seamless from the start, right through to receiving a share application and investment.

A CRIISP account will take under 3 minutes to set up (2 minutes, 48 seconds to be exact!) and it will quickly become the central location for your investor attraction, communication and deal-making around.


As an investor using CRIISP, you will be able to view the investment offerings from a range of companies. For investors, the platform is completely free to use. As an investor, we want to help you save time, money and make your investment process more efficient. Investors will be able to:

  • Request access to deal rooms of your interest
  • Communicate directly with companies
  • Conduct due diligence on companies
  • View a companies FAQ about their investment opportunity
  • Set up multiple investment entities, so you can choose which entity to investment through
  • Host your sophisticated investor certificate, so it is ready for your next transaction
  • Complete share applications and digital signatures
  • Make investments
  • Receive a digital record of all details of your transactions
  • Track the progress of deals which interest you

In the coming months, we will be releasing many new features to assist you with your investments.


Interested in using CRIISP for your business? Getting started with CRIISP today will allow you to:

  • Add collaborators to assist in the set up of your deal room
  • Access investors
  • Operate your investment deal room
  • Engage in Q&As
  • Manage and track investor interest
  • Accept investment application forms and send payment receipts
  • Issue, store and track share certificates from successful investments

To celebrate our launch, we have a special offer for companies that sign-up within the month of June. In addition to all of the features that CRIISP offers, those that sign up in the first month will receive a listing page on the Wholesale Investor page (like the companies here!), 12-month access to our monthly webinar series (sessions providing you with how-to information on raising capital, scaling and accelerating your growth), publishing of significant news and announcements for 12 months.



Find out more about the features the platform offers to simplify your capital raising process.

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