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FDC Investment Strategy returned 3.2% net of fees 

  • Published October 31, 2019 12:00AM UTC
  • Publisher Wholesale Investor
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The FDC Portaf fund is an  institutional grade fund that invests in funds that invest across the blockchain economy.

It mitigates risk and gains spread by investing in systematic trading of currencies and long only blockchain investments.

Outcome: Reduced risk and volatility with focus on consistent capital growth well above traditional market investments.

The Investment Strategy returned 3.2% net of fees for August.  The performance of each of the underlying funds into which the Investment Strategy has allocated was as follows:

  • The systematic arbitrage fund returned 9.1%,
  • The momentum trading fund returned 8.2%,
  • The high-frequency trading systematic arbitrage fund returned 3.7%,
  • The fundamental long/short (long biased) fund lost -7.1%.

The Investment Strategy was rebalanced at the end of August to reduce exposure to the HFT fund and the momentum trading fund and increase our holdings in cash to 12% in order to reduce risk during this period of increased volatility.

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About First Digital Capital

First Digital Capital’s – Portal Fund is a hedge fund that invests in a diverse spread of blockchain funds globally. We are very different to direct fund investing. With unprecedented access to premier global funds in blockchain and a robust risk management processes, First Digital Capital provide the Best of fund Access, deep Research and investment Diversity.

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