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Clearmatch Fixed Income Opportunity: Low Risk, higher return alternative to term deposits targeting 4%+ per annum with monthly income

  • Published April 03, 2019 12:00AM UTC
  • Publisher Wholesale Investor
  • Categories Company Updates

With a “Favourable” Investment Grade rating from SQM research, and a strong 4%+ per annum return, the Clearmatch (Insurance) Premium Funding Trust offers investors an attractive investment alternative to their low-yielding term deposits.

By investing in a portfolio backed by S&P rated insurers – who must, for cancellable policies, refund unearned business insurance premiums if the borrower (insured) chooses to stop paying – investors can access a capital-stable, income-oriented, diversified portfolio of business insurance premium loan notes.

Electing to receive income through regular monthly payments, rather than ‘at-maturity’, offers investors a ‘smoother’ income experience to fund lifestyle or other purchases, without the need to continuously shop around for the best term deposit rates in a very low interest rate environment.

This fund is ideal for self-managed investors who are looking for a reliable income with very little risk of capital loss.

The Fund is in the final stages of the initial offer period which we expect will be concluded in the next few weeks with the fund launched in late April so if you are a wholesale investor / retiree interested in

  • preserving wealth,
  • earning a regular (and reliable) income and
  • helping small businesses manage their working capital requirements through the funding of their annual business insurances

You should definitely contact the Clearmatch Investor Relations Team today!


About Clearmatch:

Clearmatch is a marketplace treasury where originators of quality loans can access competitive funding from fixed income investors real-time. Using a proprietary asset fractionalisation technology, funders’ risks are reduced through high diversification, delivering unparalleled transparency.

We offer a suite of alternative fixed income solutions which allow investors to receive regular income streams with risk-weighted return based on the underlying credit profile of the assets.

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