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“Wholesale Investor – Trading Window” Offers Exclusive Access to High-Profile Startups and Unicorns

  • Published May 08, 2023 4:48AM UTC
  • Publisher Wholesale Investor
  • Categories Company Updates

Investors and startup founders, get ready for an exciting opportunity that is about to hit the market. The “Wholesale Investor – Trading Window” is coming soon, offering access to a handpicked selection of Australian and US unicorns, VC-backed opportunities, and high-profile startups.

This exclusive event will provide investors with a unique chance to elevate their investment portfolio to new heights, with early access to exclusive secondary market opportunities in both private and public unlisted companies.

Investors who are valued members of WI’s investor network will be among the first to know when the trading window opens. Wholesale Investor is also offering a limited-time, 2-week early access window, giving investors a chance to get ahead of the curve and secure their investments before anyone else.

“This opportunity is not to be missed, as it offers access to some of the most promising unicorns in Australia and the US, high-profile startups with groundbreaking innovations, and VC-backed opportunities that have the potential to transform industries and generate exceptional returns,” said Steve Torso, CEO & Co-Founder of Wholesale Investor. 

“The ‘Wholesale Investor – Trading Window’ is an event that every investor and startup founder should mark on their calendar. Investors must not miss the chance to participate in this unique opportunity and take your investments to the next level,” he added. 

Register here to receive a 2-week early access window and stay tuned for further details on this groundbreaking event.

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