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Venture Investment Lessons and Generational Trends | Steve Torso keynote

  • Published March 16, 2023 5:44AM UTC
  • Publisher Jade Miguel
  • Categories Capital Insights

Wholesale Investor CEO Steve Torso talks about the generational trends that we’ll be seeing moving forward. He also talks about the opportunities for investors through using AI and machine learning in determining their investment profile through CRIISP.

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Capital Insights
The Index Approach in Early-Stage Venture Capital: Reconsidered

The venture capital (VC) landscape is marked by its dynamism and complexity, especially in early-stage investing. The traditional approach in VC, characterised by a selective and intensive vetting process, often contrasts with the concept of ‘index investing.’ This article revisits the indexing approach in early-stage VC, incorporating insights from recent studies and data, including a […]

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The Future Is Now: The Evolution of Dealflow with Wholesale Investor

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