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Uber Acquires WI Former Client–Car Next Door

  • Published December 20, 2022 11:31PM UTC
  • Publisher Osama Hassan
  • Categories Capital Raising Tips

As a part of a bigger shift towards a sharing economy, the connotations of owning a car are starting to change. The view that not owning a car would be an indicator of your social status is starting to fade. Many now find the idea of having access to a car without having to bear any of the responsibilities related to car ownership quite alluring. It’s also great from the perspective of sustainability as less cars need to be manufactured.

Last month, a promising Australian #startup, and one of Wholesale Investor‘s successful former clients, Car Next Door, got acquired by Uber. The deal builds on Uber’s ongoing investments in electric vehicles, micro-mobility, and public transport to reduce over-reliance on the private vehicle and help achieve greener, more liveable cities.

Here’s Uber’s official statement on the acquisition:

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