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The Missing Slide: Highlighting the Top Three Growth Drivers in Your Pitch Deck

  • Published October 31, 2023 11:00PM UTC
  • Publisher Wholesale Investor
  • Categories Capital Raising Tips

In the realm of startups and capital raising, a pitch deck is your passport to securing potential investment. With countless templates and software available to help craft the perfect pitch deck, one might assume that all essential elements are covered. However, Steve Torso, CEO & Co-Founder of Wholesale Investor, points out a commonly overlooked yet crucial slide: the top three growth drivers of your business.

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The Significance of Growth Drivers

Investors are not just looking for a unique product or service; they’re keen on understanding how value will be created in the business. By highlighting the top three growth drivers, founders can articulate the primary avenues through which the business will grow and generate value.

Correlation with Investment

The growth drivers should directly correlate with the funds being sought. Investors want to see how their money will be used to fuel these specific growth areas, ensuring a return on their investment.

Aligning Investor and Founder Visions

By clearly presenting the growth drivers, founders can establish a shared vision with potential investors. This alignment is crucial as it ensures both parties have a mutual understanding of the business’s direction and potential.

Crafting the Perfect Growth Drivers Slide

  1. Be Specific: Instead of vague statements, delve into the specifics. For instance, instead of saying “expand product line,” you might say “launch a new eco-friendly product range targeting millennials.”
  2. Quantify When Possible: If you can, provide numbers. For instance, “Increase market share by 15% in the next two years.”
  3. Show the Connection: Highlight how the investment will directly impact these growth drivers. For example, funds might be used for research and development, marketing campaigns, or expanding into new markets.


While the aesthetics and design of a pitch deck are essential, the content is paramount. As Steve Torso emphasises, including a slide dedicated to the top three growth drivers can make a significant difference in how potential investors perceive the value and potential of your business.

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