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SaaS Grows Revenue by 100% in June | $50M Worth of Transactions Facilitated | 2,000 B2B Clients Signed

  • Published July 21, 2021 12:00AM UTC
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“By 2023, Zupply plans to be at the forefront of B2B payments between food suppliers and hospitality industry players in Australia. Our tech is market-leading, and our strategy has resulted in a sticky customer base that returns significant lifetime value to businesses. Furthermore, the digitisation of the industry is pushing us to the forefront of many opportunities.”

James Kelly, Co-Founder, Zupply

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Executive Summary

Zupply is a stable and live “orders and payments” platform. This year, the company celebrates its fourth year in the industry, and continues to strengthen its wide range of capabilities and offerings. These specialisations include manufacturing portals, procurement, and inventory automation—features at the core of Zupply’s stickiness in clients’ businesses.

Zupply’s IP is full of industry-specific know-how and secrets. The company’s code is clean, scalable, and manageable within an agile and lean environment. None of Zupply’s competitors have replicated its apps, integrations, or ability to customise reporting and features to date.

Zupply is all of these: an enterprise resource planning and accounting platform, an e-commerce solution, a logistics tool, an inventory management tool, a food manufacturing tool, a sales CRM, a PoS, and a mobile ordering system. Zupply expects to facilitate $1B worth of orders and payments by December 2024.

Investment Highlights

  • The Zupply product range is in the first stages of maturity. Revenue is growing consistently month on month, enabling the team to execute their commercialisation roadmap.
  • In FY’21, the platform facilitated $50M in orders and payments. Zupply’s payment revenues captured 10% of those order values through credit card payments. SaaS revenue grew 100% to $10K per month, with solid growth expected in FY’22. 
  • Seven hundred new app downloads from February to June following the soft launch of “Zupply Chefs”—bringing total venue users to 2,000 cafes and restaurants. Existing clients include NSW clubs and venues such as the Central Coast Leagues Club and chains like Nutrition Station and Piccolo Me, indicating demand across the hospitality sector.
  • John McFadden joined the Zupply team as its “Chefs Ambassador.” He has a significant presence in the industry and will spearhead the marketing of Zupply Chefs.
    His other accomplishments include being a judge at the “Young Chef of the Year Awards” and being a member of the Le Culinaire Institute. He is also well regarded within the corporate product testing and culinary skills/training industries.
  • There is an opportunity for the Zupply Chefs App to feed crucial invoice data into the Kounta ecosystem—Australia’s leading cafe and restaurant PoS system—which will provide the company with real-time product pricing.

Investment Offering

Zupply intends to raise $3M. The company offers 30% equity in exchange via a convertible note and preference share structure over three $1M instalments across 18 months.

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