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Real Estate: own fragments outright, on title

  • Published December 02, 2019 12:00AM UTC
  • Publisher Wholesale Investor
  • Categories Company Updates

IBOs (Initial Bricklet Offerings) of premium real estate developments are going mainstream in the coming weeks. Powering broader property portfolios for less outlay. Affording investors with fragments of quality property developments on Australia’s eastern seaboard. With investors in these fragments – called bricklets – recorded against the property’s title deed.

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  • for an exclusive 72-hour preview (ahead of the general public) of Mirvac, Stockland and other developers’ properties IBOing on;
  • to receive pre-market announcements of bricklet values, ranging from $25,000 to $35,000;
  • for details of AUSTRAC and ASIC requirements for trading in bricklets.

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Australia’s BRICKLET Exchange trades property fragments. Similar to stock exchanges trading fragments of companies, called stocks; Australia’s Bricklet Exchange trades fragments of real estate, called bricklets.

Stockland and Mirvac are listing their properties for Initial Bricklet Offerings. Fragmenting each property into affordable tradable bricklets. Each of these bricklets is registered to the investor, directly against the property’s land title deed.

Owning a bricklet is owning the property, just an affordable and tradable part thereof.


On Title Ownership

Every bricklet investor obtains direct title deed ownership at the properties’ respective land titles offices. Ownership is registered in perpetuity until sale.

Portfolio Diversity

Direct ownership of properties no longer requires total ownership, thereby enabling investors to diversify their portfolio into fragments of property.

Expert Asset Management

IBOed property assets are managed by dedicated asset managers trained and incentivised to optimise real estate yields and capital growth.

Premium Properties

IBOs are exclusive to premium property developments (e.g. Mirvac and Stockland, amongst others) To date there are 200 bricklets available from ten properties, with more properties being IBOed in the coming days.

National Availability

IBOs were piloted in Adelaide with the South Australian Government, before realising fragmented property ownership with land titles offices in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Further states and territories’ titles offices are being finalised.

Big Tech Leadership

IBOs are a modern reality due to the super computing and blockchain advances created by Lakeba Group, IBM and Microsoft. Combined with the legislative, financial and governance insights by BDO, Piper Alderman and Yabonza.


Registration provides the details of this new investment asset, prior to it being reported to the broader public by the media.

We ask that you keep this information in confidence

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