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Ocean Floor Music shakes up music industry with dynamic duo and innovative NFT Marketplace

  • Published February 16, 2023 7:00AM UTC
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Image taken at the Blockchain Australia awards.
Ocean Floor Music Finalists: ‘Startup/Scaleup of the Year’ & ‘Corporate Business of the Year’

Ocean Floor Music is making waves in the music industry with the addition of Cam Yuill as a partner and Darren Aboud as an advisor. Yuill, a Silicon Valley veteran, lawyer, entrepreneur, Fortune 100 exec, record label co-founder and ARIA Club Chart top 20 producer is a seasoned executive with a diverse background in the entertainment and business industries. 

Meanwhile, Aboud, a 25-year media, music, and entertainment veteran who was Managing Director at Universal Music Group brings key insights and a proven track record of success to the Ocean Floor Music team.

Ocean Floor Music is revolutionising the way artists monetise their music and connect with fans. With the beta testing phase of its NFT Marketplace now underway, artists can now create and trade unique digital collectibles and offer exclusive fan rewards. The Marketplace, which launched with 30 key artists and ambassadors and headlined by Eskimo Joe’s Kav Temperley, is already gaining traction in the music industry, with more artists now being onboarded.

Ocean Floor Music is also developing a new fan-led platform that will allow for a direct connection between fans and artists, blending the best of Web2 and Web3 technology. This exciting new product, built in consultation with artists, labels, super fans, and artist managers to meet their needs, will be revealed to the market soon and help OFM scale aggressively. 

Investors have the chance to get in on this exciting and innovative company with the seed round now underway, with a fair and reasonable market cap of $15 million and a 20% discount.

Connect with the company and learn more about Ocean Floor Music by accessing their deal room here.

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