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Focus – Skills for capital raising

  • Published December 20, 2022 3:51AM UTC
  • Publisher Callum Melrose
  • Categories Capital Raising Tips

Mastering the skills of #capitalraising 📈

4. Build a strong pipeline of investors: ⬇️

Broken down in its simplest form, capital raising can be seen as a numbers game, similar to sales or marketing approaches.

The more investors you build relationships with and have on your side, the easier the investment process will be.

Build a strong pipeline of investors by actively seeking out capital and creating a positive reputation in the market.

3. Give yourself at least 3-6 months to raise capital: ⬇️

The investment process can take up to 6 months, so be prepared for a long and emotional road ahead.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, adjust and execute your offer.

The more time and runway you give yourself, the greater your chance of success in raising.

2. Get organized:

Raising capital is not a one-time event.

You will need to keep track of your progress and goals throughout the investment process.

– Organise your materials,

– Track your milestones,

– Keep investors informed of your progress.

Treat capital raising as a continuous process, rather than an on/off business event.

1. Know your audience:

Before you can go out and raise capital, you need to know who your target investors are.

Quick example..

What kind of companies do they typically invest in?

What are their investment preferences?

Once you know your audience, you can craft a pitch that is tailored to their interests.

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