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Biotome Pty Ltd advances precision immunology with cutting-edge AI and nanoelectronics

  • Published July 13, 2021 12:00AM UTC
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Background to Biotome

Biotome, founded in 2017 by Professor Samuel Lundin, Dr Alma Fulurija and Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall, is developing next-generation antibody tests (serology tests) based on precision immunology.

Their diagnostics involve small pieces of proteins (i.e. peptides) instead of whole proteins as analysis markers. This is a fundamental advantage compared to conventional serology, as it allows the full use of the high resolution of the immune system, resulting in higher precision and lower cost compared to conventional techniques. An added advantage is that the markers of Biotome’s tests are patentable, unlike conventional protein markers.

Biotome has three diagnostic projects in the pipeline, each addressing large markets. The most progressed project, HelitopeTM, is a simple blood test for stomach cancer risk. The two other projects are focused on developing an antibody-test for COVID-19 (CovitopeTM) as well as a test for the risk of pre-eclampsia development.

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Biotome has a strong global network of partners and collaborators in industry, academia and the health care sector.

Partnership with BrainChip Ltd in a Project Funded by the Government of Western Australia

BrainChip is a global technology company that is producing a groundbreaking AkidaTM neuromorphic processor chip that brings artificial intelligence to the edge in a way that is beyond the capabilities of other products. In a joint government funded COVID-19 project Biotome will use AkidaTM to identify the antibodies that can protect against SARS- CoV-2 infection – the so-called neutralising antibodies. This could pave the way for a test that determines which level of protection against COVID-19 a person has after having received COVID-19 vaccination or after having been infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Samuel Lundin, CEO of Biotome on the BrainChip partnership:

“We believe the precision of antibody tests for infections can be improved dramatically. Our partnership with Brainchip is an important step for our development of point-of-care tests that are based on patented high-precision immunological markers. We are very excited to explore how the cutting-edge Akida neural processor can improve the accuracy and information quality of the antibody-tests we are developing, by providing advanced AI capacity at the point of care. If the project is successful we will apply the same principles to other antibody tests in our pipeline.”

Linking Biology up to Computers with Cardea Bio Inc

Biotome engages with partner companies across the globe that can provide point-of-care diagnostic platforms that can be adapted to work with our patented peptide markers. Recently, a technology partnership has been entered with Cardea Bio Inc., a US-based global leader in nanoelectronics manufacturing and the only mass-producer of graphene-based biological transistors. Through joining Cardea’s Innovation Partnership Program, Biotome will leverage Cardea’s graphene field effect transistors to connect biology with modern electronics for high-precision immunology diagnostics, to address the unparalleled global demand for rapid, accurate diagnostic tests.

Graphene-based Cardean TransistorsTM for precision immunology diagnostics

Current Capital Raising Round

Biotome is currently raising capital to cover costs for progressing the three ongoing projects. This round has so far raised $380k from existing and new investors, and the round will close in Q3 2021. For more information, contact CEO Dr Samuel Lundin – [email protected].

About Biotome Pty Ltd

Biotome is at the forefront of next-generation serology research, which has the potential to drastically improve the performance of diagnostics, ushering in the new era of precision immunology. Using our technology, we discover patentable immunological markers of superior accuracy across a range of diseases. Through strategic partnerships, Biotome integrates linear epitopes with cutting-edge diagnostic assay platforms to access the intrinsic high resolution of the immune system, addressing unmet needs through the development of precision immunology diagnostics.

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