Appreciate WI's efforts at the recent Emergence 2022 conference in Sydney as everything worked very well. In this COVID environment, its easy to forget the importance of face to face communications, particularly for fund raising. Thank you for facilitating this in the professional manner that you do.
EpiAxis Therapeutics

Jeremy Chrisp

CEO, EpiAxis Therapeutics

Good team and platform evolving fund raising to the new age ! The CRIISP platorm is a great step forward for young companies for their fund raising - esp not to be hostage anymore to a lot of shady so called "boutique investment bankers". Having said this - it was always a very personal experience since Steven managed the key thing an entrepreneur has to do: inspire and gather a hard working and motivated team around him. All the details have been managed also with attention (pitch decks, positioning, introductions, 30-sec videos, CRIISP Growth lab, Private networking etc!). A key benefit is to manage your own internal "Master Data Room" for communicating with both new or existing investors. The highlight was surely the recent in person Emergence Chapeau to a fellow entrepreneur and his team. Keep evolving this company - it is really needed.
neurocare Group AG

Tom Mechtersheimer

Founder & CEO neurocare Group AG

WI keeps on delivering value. As a company that has been involved with Wholesale Investor for some time they have enabled us to raise capital effectively, participate in events like Emergence 2022 and increase our credibility in the market. Jackie and the team make it a breeze to prepare and engage with investors.

Jeremy Machet

Growth and Operations, Unhedged

Brilliant support from the whole team at WI, through all stages of our campaign. What we love best are the networking opportunities and the way the CRIISP app is designed to flow the whole process with the investors. Keep up the good work.
Scalable Global Solutions

Marko Dubroja

Investment Relations Manager, Scalable Global Solutions

Wholesale Investor's Emergence 2022 conference offered excellent networking opportunities for start ups and scale ups looking for capital investment. There was an excellent mix of partners and potential investors at the event. I highly recommend this for anyone raising capital funding.
Space Store

Stephen Ringler

CEO & Founder of Space Store

We have gained significantly by signing up with Wholesale Investor. We have better prepared ourselves for investment though the CRIISP deal room, work on our presentation format and through the support of WI team members. We have secured investment and prepared ourselves for future rounds. I would highly recommend WI for entrepreneurs who are truely ready to raise funds for their ventures.
Sunshine HydroPty Ltd

Rick McElhinney

CEO, Sunshine HydroPty Ltd

Great innovative company with amazing team. We always get the support we need from them in our process of raising finance. We are few months into our membership and we already learned lots of things from them. The platform is unique in the promotion and management of your raise and their events are just excellent.
PLMD Group

Leina Kacimi

Funding Specialist, PLMD Group

 Benlee Company Pty Ltd

“High-quality enquiries”
Over the last 3 years, we have been successful in raising $50million for our 5 Commercial Property trusts. I had been a subscriber of WI for years as an investor and thought it would be interesting to see the level of interest in our type of offer. To date, we have had over 20 contacts and several of which are of a very high quality.
Benlee Company Pty Ltd

Benlee Company Pty Ltd


“We have found the platform valuable and highly regard the work they do”
Over the last 18 months, we have worked with Wholesale Investor for different stages of our growth and capital raise. As a Queensland company looking to gain national and international interest, we have found the platform valuable and highly regard the work they do. We have participated in activities across Australia and Singapore. We look forward to collaborating more as our business expands.

Jake Robinson

Co-Founder and CEO

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