Executive Summary
Chintai is a leading one-stop solution for modernising capital markets. Regulated and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the Chintai platform uses blockchain technology to enable asset managers, banks and SMEs to create regulated market places for virtually any financial asset or real world asset.

What do we do?
Chintai is a SaaS company that enables banks, asset managers and SMEs to easily embrace the digital asset future. Rather than being the central marketplace, our business model is predicated on distributing tools for asset origination, distribution and management of the full life cycle.

The capital markets services (CMS) and recognized market operator (RMO) licences are at the foundation of our institutional grade solution that is optimised for capturing a $16 trillion TAM.

Company Highlights
Granted Capital Market Services (CMS) and Recognized Market Operator (RMO) licences from the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 2022.

Pipeline of 7 clients issuing digital and real world assets, including bonds, real estate, equity, carbon credits. Particular traction in ESG and green space.
Raised $7.5M USD seed round in 2021 with $29.5 post-valuation led by B1, Iconic Ventures and Collective capital.

Ecosystem partners; Soochow (Asset Manager), ICHAM (Asset Manager), Passion Ventures (Asset Manager), ChanceryHill Ventures (Asset Manager), DLT (Crypto payment), Merkle Science (Compliance), Propine (Custody), SDAX (Liquidity), AirCarbon Exchange (Liquidity)

Affiliate partners; The National University of Singapore, The NUS Computing School, KapronAsia (Consultant), Mazars (Consultant), Asia Institute of Digital Finance, Blockchain Association of Singapore, Singapore Fintech Association, Enterprise Singapore (Government)


Existing capital market infrastructure is inefficient and largely controlled by a small number of incumbents that charge predatory fees and are exclusionary for both issuers and investors. 

Chintai is disrupting the existing capital markets ecosystem by offering clients a cost effective path to market with tools for tokenization and marketplace creation. This includes issuance of virtually any regulated asset class, secondary trading, AI based compliance infrastructure, custody and liquidity.

Company Highlights

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Problem and Solution

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Competitive Advantage

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Investment Offering

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