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BIBO's mission is to tackle the global crises in housing & climate, by making quality sustainable homes accessible to everyone in the world. 

BIBO offers a unique modular building system that is very scalable:
Demand - flexible design, broad applications
Production - standardised 'lego' system that leverages on supply chain & manufacturing capabilities in China
Delivery - efficient transport servicing national & international markets
Assembly - "ikea" turnkey delivery. 2 people 2 weeks hand tools
Quality - Manufacturing consistency  

We are tackling the trillion-dollar global construction industry. The addressable markets are broad in terms of verticals and geographic reach. 

Launched in 2019 in Australia, our inital focus is the B2C Backyard Extension market (AU market: $1.8 billion; US Market: $18 billion). The objective was to prove our product market fit, which we have achieved with over $3 millions in sales, in 3 states, for various uses. Looking forward, we will be increasingly focused on B2B opportunities particularly in the affordable housing space.  

We are fundraising to scale B2C and expand into B2B. We are forecasting to grow our revenue 44 times to $132 mil over the next 5 years with a gross margin of 38%, where th average GM in construction is 15%.

BIBO is to modern construction as iPhone is to communication.  

Problem and Solution

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Market Opportunity

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Competitive Advantage

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Highlights & Milestones

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